FWD Drag Series

The FWD Drag Series

Welcome to the Front Wheel Drive Drag Series

2018 will be the 6th year of the FWD Drag Series, run over 5 events at Santa Pod Raceway. The series is designed to cater for all FWD drag racers no matter what body or engine they may choose. The FWD Drag Series is a full MSA sanctioned Championship, the racer who wins the championship will have battled and fought their way through five tough rounds, racing against the best European and Japanese cars the UK FWD scene has to offer.


The first season of the FWD Drag Series in 2013 was a huge success, it surpassed all expectations and produced some very exciting racing with many record breaking runs. Keil Priestman won the championship, Richard Batty ran the first UK FWD 8 second pass and Tom Barnes set a World Record for a New Mini. The 2014 Championship was won by Sam Bolton and Robert Johnston who raced their Tigra as a team, Richard Batty was runner-up for the second year running. 2015 saw Glenn Robson take the title with a race to spare ahead of Paul Atkinson. In 2016 Allan Duthie was champion in his first season and in 2017 Paul Atkinson finished the season in the number one spot after two years as runner-up. In 2018 Phil Reeves took the title in his second season and became the first Ford racer to win the championship.

About the FWD Drag Series

The FWD Drag Series at Santa Pod Raceway is the ultimate test of tuned front wheel drive cars. Drivers go head to head in drag racing competition to find the nation’s top FWD racer. Racers compete for the championship as well as the individual event wins, trophies and prize money.

The FWD Drag Series is for FWD cars from 4 to 6 cylinders, further details on the Rules & How to Enter page.

If you would like to find out more about entering the series, visit the How to Enter page where you can download the rulebook.

Latest WebTV Show

FWD Drag Series Rounds 2019

Round 1 - The Fast Show www.TheFastShow.com Sun 7th April 2019

Round 2 - The Vauxhall Show www.VauxhallShow.com Sun 28th April 2019

Round 3 - JapShow www.JapShow.co.uk Sun 9th June 2019

Round 4 - The Fast Show Reloaded www.TheFastShowReloaded.com Sun 30th June 2019

Round 5 - USC www.UltimateStreetCar.com Sat 10th & Sun 11th August 2019

Round 6 - JapShow www.JapShowFinale.co.uk Sun 29th September 2019